5th week Assignment

  This 5th-week syllabus will probably be published between 25th and 26th November. We will get this syllabus from our website as soon as it is published on the official website of the Department of Secondary Education. The 4th-week assignment syllabus 2020 has been completed in all subjects of all classes and the 5th-week assignment syllabus 2020 has been published on the website. Since it is very important for the students to know the syllabus and routine, you can collect the syllabus by visiting our website. You can also start the 5th-week assignment syllabus from the secondary official website and our website has provided the syllabus for sixth to ninth grade students which you can collect. You can download the syllabus of the specific class for which you are a student from here. Let the students visit our website and download the syllabus of all the subjects of all the classes and the answer sheets of different subjects by class will be provided here which you can download and col